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My research examines two intersecting questions about the meaning and value of work:

  • What is the place and priority of work worth doing in a life worth living?

  • How do literature and the arts help us to see the meaning of value and the value of meaning?

Parallel Lines

Selected Academic Publications

These are just a few of my papers, chapters, and commentaries written primarily for a scholarly audience. Please see Media for pieces written for general audiences. My complete publications are listed on my curriculum vitae.

Meaningful Work

The meaning of meaningful work in my research has evolved through the years in these and many other articles I have published on the topic:

Value in/and/of  Literature and the Arts

My papers, book chapters, and reviews include pieces inspired by an ancient Chinese proverb, Plato's cave allegory, and authors ranging from Mary Shelley to Zadie Smith, Leo Tolstoy and David Foster Wallace. Below are a few other pieces about music, theater, storytelling, and novels:

Other Topics

My other scholarship has appeared in journals and books in many disciplines, including management, ethics, finance, literature, architecture, accounting, philosophy, and medicine. Here are some examples:

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